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How to use OasisCanine

How to use our OASISCANINE dog water bottle:

  1. Fill the bottle with fresh water.
  2. Screw the lid closed.
  3. Turn the bottle upside down and press the button to release water into the container.
  4. Let your dog drink comfortably.
  5. When finished, press the button again to release the remaining water back into the bottle.
  6. Screw the lid closed and store the bottle.


  • Regularly clean the bottle to maintain optimal hygiene.
  • Ensure the bottle is properly closed before storing it in your bag.
  • Make sure to fill the bottle with enough water to meet your dog's needs.

Our OASISCANINE dog water bottle is easy to use and convenient for providing fresh water to your dog during your outdoor outings. With these usage tips, you can enjoy a unique drinking experience with your pet anywhere, anytime.